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99.2% Soda Ash Heavy (Dense) /Light Used in Metallurgy, Glass, Sanitary Pottery Industry

Oct 28, 2017

Soda Ash Light & Dense Specification Sheet:(sodium carbonate)

IndexSoda Ash LightSoda Ash Dense
Na2CO3 %99.2% min99.2% min
Chloride (as NaCl) %0.7% max0.7% max
Iron (as Fe) %0.0035% max0.0035% max
Insoluble Matter in Water %0.03% max0.03% max
Fineness (180μm) %-------------70% min

Chinese National Standard GB 2101-2004 for Soda Ash.

White powdered crystal, easily soluble in water, most lubility at 35.4oC. On exposure to air it easily absorbs moisture, carbon dioxide, and gradually to form a cake.

Keep away from sunlight and moisture, store in well ventilated dry place.

Mainly used for metallurgy, glass, textile, dye printing, medicine, synthetic detergent, petroleum and food industry etc.
Sodium Carbonate/ Soda Ash is mainly used for light industry, building materials, chemical industry; textiles, petroleum and medical areas.
1). The manufacture of glass is one of the most important uses of sodium carbonate. When it is combined with silica (SiO2) and calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and heated to very high temperatures, then cooled very rapidly, glass is produced. This type of glass is known as soda lime glass.
2). Soda ash is also used to clean the air and soften water.
3). Manufacture of Caustic Soda and dyestuffs.
4). Metallurgy (processing of steel and extraction of iron etc),
5). Flat glass, sanitary pottery

with outer polypropylene woven bag,lined with plastic film,
net weight:25kg/bag