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Battery Grade Used 98%Min Anhydrous Zinc Chloride

Oct 26, 2017

Zinc Chloride

Molecular Formula : Zncl2   
Molecular Weight  : 136.29
Solidifying Proportion: 2.91
1, Produced and tested according to the national standard GB1625-79 and department standard HG/T2323-2004.The content of Zinc Chloride ,as the main index has reached above 98%(beyond normal requirements);other indexes have reached of exceeded the normal requirements .The rate of excellent products is 100%.
2, Throughput:10000MTS/YEAR
3, Main use:Used as electrolyte substance of batteries ,
                  Zinc Galvanizing,
                  Medicine intermediates, Pesticide intermediates
                  Coal washing;
                  Dehydration or condensing agent in organic compound industry;
                  Activator of cation exchange resin;
                  Impregnant in producing PAN Polyacrylonitrile;Intermedium dyeing agent,silk luster agent,and sizing sgent in textile industry .
                  Be used to produce active dyestuff and cation dyestuff.
4, Packaging:Woven outer packaging with 2 pieces of inner plastic bags(25KGS/50KGS)
                    50KGS Grey paint iron drum;
                    50KGS iron drum etc

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