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Bcaa for Body Building

Feb 06, 2018

Ratio: Leucine: Valine: Isoleucine

Definition: Branched-chain amino acids refers to the α -carbon-chain aliphatic hydrocarbons containing branch neutral amino acids. Branched-chain amino acids, including L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine...Primarily used in muscle metabolism, skeletal muscle proteins account for about 35% of essential amino acids; It is closely related to the synthesis of skeletal muscle. By stalemating of sugar and citric acid cycle and ketogenesis linked to achieve the body three substances (sugar, fat, protein) is the mutual conversion.

Functions and usage:

BCAA can promote protein synthesis after exercise metabolism, speed up muscle synthesis and reduce muscle tissue decomposition, contribute to the increase of muscle mass. The functions as follows:

1 oxidative: Muscle oxidation is BCAA's main organizations. BCAA oxidation efficiency of ATP was significantly higher than other amino acids, especially in the high-intensity exercise muscle oxidation ability to increase 3 to 5 times, BCAA can be enhanced significantly, so it is important for muscle tissue to amino acids. Prolonged exercise is involved in energy supply is an important material;

2 promoting protein synthesis and protein degradation; BCAA can promote the synthesis of muscle protein polypeptide chain and promote protein synthesis, and this effect is limited to muscle tissue, its role in regulating protein similar to insulin updated. Insulin's main role is to allow blood sugar to be absorbed and as a source of energy for muscles, so you can ensure that the inhibition of protein synthesis and degradation.

3 immune enhancement; BCAA is closely related with the human immunodeficiency. Lack of BCAA can cause atrophy of thymus and spleen, lymphoid tissue damage, and immunoglobulin levels, C3 and transferrin protein levels, will lead to decreased synthetic capacity of specific antibody. Valine can promote bone T cells into the role of mature T cells.

4 anti-fatigue effects; Added amount of BCAA, on the one hand to promote movement of energy reserves and use; The other hand, reduced through competitive inhibition of Trp into the brain tissue, thereby reducing the 5 - HT synthesis, to fatigue.