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Compound Amino Acid Powder 30%-85% for Choice Water Soluble Fertilizer

Mar 30, 2018

Compound Amino acid Powder:

Our compound amino acid powder contain organic nitrogen and in-organic nitrogen, which not only can be used as raw materials for foliar fertilizer but also can be apply on the crops as water flush fertilizer, ground fertilizer and basic fertilizer. There are two source, one is from animal fur, the other is from soybean.
Main Function:
1. To chelate soil nutrients, stimulate root growth, to make crops grow stable and strongly, high fertilizer utilize.
2. To improve crop photosynthetic performance, to promote photosynthetic transfer and transportation, to enhance product performance.
3. To improve the growth of roots environment, to suppress the occurrence of soil-borne diseases, obvious effects of continuous cropping.
4. To use with Inorganic fertilizer which can increase nutrients also can increase crops yields.
5. To use this organic fertilizer will make soil soft, reduce soil compaction, Improve soil fertilizer, water retention capacity.
6. This series of products is organic food base, green food base and pollution-free food base which must use eco-organic fertilizer.

Methods of useDosage
Base fertilizer/chase fertilizer/fertilizer with seed40~60KG/acre

Mix it with pesticides,which will enhance the function with each other
Please spray it before 10am or after 4pm so that the plant will have the best absorption.
Please re-spray it if the rain comes in 2hours.
Repeat treatments during the growing season according to agricultural and nutritional needs.
Package and Storage:
Please keep sealed and store in a dry place.
Our products:Amino acid powder30-80% (normally 30%/45%/52%/60%/70%/80%for choice) 
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