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New Dl-Methionine Powder Made in China for Sale

Oct 24, 2017

DL-Methionine is one of the basic units for composing the protein, is the only sulfur bearing amino acid among the essential amino acids, it participated in the transmethylation interior the animal body, the phosphorus metabolism and the adrenalin, choline and creatine synthesis, it also is the raw material of the protein and cystine synthesis. Methionine is unable to synthesize in the animal body, must take in from food. Adds it in the feed, can promote the poultry to grow, increase lean meat quantity and reduce the feeding cycle.

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Product range:

L-arginineBCAAL-Arginine aspartateDL-Methonine
L-CysteineL-Ornithine HClN-Acetyl-L-GlutamineL-lysine sulphate
L-CystineL-PhenylalanineN-Acetyl-L-Glutamic acidL-Threonine
L-glutamic acidL-ProlineN-Acetyl-L-LeucineL-isoleucine
L-GlutamineL-Pyroglutamic acidN-Acetyl-L-MethionineL-Valine

Product Name:MethionineAppearance:White Crystal or White Powder
Other Name 
DL-2-Amino-4-(methylthio) butyric acid
Melting point281
GradeFeed Grade, Food Grade, Medicine GradeUsageAnimal Pharmaceuticals
Standard:USP/BP/EP/FCCMolecular Formula:C5H11NO2S
Purity:99%Molecular Weight:149.21
CAS No.:59-51-8EINECS No.:200-432-1
DescriptionDL-Methionin, one of essential amino acids and sulfur amino acids, is the first limiting amino acid in poultry, and probably also in high-yielding cows, and is the second or third limiting amino acid in pigs fed convertional diets.
DL-Methionine participates in synthesis of tissue proteins, vitamins, enzymes and hormones taking part in nitrogen, carbohydrate and fat metabolisms, and it is the important source of methyl groups for synthesis of all nucleic acids, as well as the sulfur source for sulfonic compounds.
DL-Methionine is frequently used in the feed industry to meet the requirements of target animals and fish, in order to maximize production performance and reduce nitrogen emission. Usually, diets for piglets and growing pigs can show a considerable deficiency in Methionine, especially when formulated to achieve low nitrogen excretion for ecological reasons. Therefore, such a deficiency must be conveniently compensated for by adding DL-Methionine in animal diets.
Application1. Food grade:
Methionine can be used as nutrition enhancer, flavouring agent, improving food nutrition value and flavor.  
2. Feed grade: 
Methionine can improve animal production, health and quality of animal products.
3. Medicine grade: 
Methionine can protect liver and myocardial, fight depression, fall blood pressure.