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NPK Organic Compound Amino Acid Powder

Jan 30, 2018

Water soluble Amino acid 40-50% technical powder ( as Agroicultual fertilizer and stock feeder):

 This Amino Acid fertilizer contains high concentrated Amino-acid up to 50%, extracted from animal hair and  feather , is a enrichment of amino acids by hydrolysis, acid, desalination, and spray drying processing.

Physicochemical properties :
Apeanrance: Power in  light  bwrn  color
100% Water-soluble
PH :5.0-6.0,
Density of 1.2 to 1.3.
Moisture absorption: high

Technical indicators :
Amino acid : 45-50.0%
Total  organic: 40%
Total trace element:  2.0% or more
It contains, approximately, organic and mineral nitrogen 17%, phosphorus 0.5% and potassium about 3%, the necessary NPK for the long-term and short-term crop growth, as he is well water soluble. Can improve crop quality and increase production.

It can be used as Irrigation-fertilization, Foliar-fertilizer, Liquid-fertilizer, Bio-fertilizer and Bacterial manure. Amino acids, thanks to their own characteristics, can improve plant growth (especially photosynthesis), particularly, glycine can increase the chlorophyll content of plants to enhance the enzyme activity, and promote the penetration of carbon dioxide, making photosynthesis more vigorous on improve crop quality, increased Vc and sugar content and  so on.
Besides, Amino acid is a strong complexing agent.Macro element NPK and trace element such as Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, B, Mo etc., are necessary  substances for crops. Crops often can appear the symptom of the lack of certain elements, as absorbed by crops effective part of the element is too little, but Amino acid can have chelate reaction with the insoluble element, generate good soluble chelate, easily absorbed by crops chelates, which is conducive to plant absorption.
This product is also used to stock feed.
Most of the component content are approximate and adjustable by request.

Usage: used as base fertilizer, furrows, hole application, etc.
diluted 2000 times,  spraying on the leaf, also can irrigate the root.


1. Nutrition is comprehensive, sustained, long-term. It contains  Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and silicon, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese. All of these elements are from natural minerals;The properties of Amino Acid fertilizer:

2. Easy to be absorbed, high utilization rate of nutrient. The nutrient utilization rate in more than 70%.

3. Increase the yield, improve the quality of agricultural products.

4. Help plants grow strong, enhance disease resistance.

5. Improve the soil characteristics, optimizing the ecological environment.

Scope of  application on plants: vegetables, fruits, melons, corn etc.
package : 20KG/Bag, 24 Tons/ 40 feet Container