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Organic NPK Compound Fertilizer Agricultural 40-50% Amino Acid Powder

Nov 07, 2017

Product Description:

Amino acid powder is  organic nutrients, and contain abundant organic matter and microbe, has obvious increase production, improve quality, reduce the effect such as agricultural residues and protect the ecological environment. Agricultural organic nutrients and inorganic nutrients reasonable collocation of amino acid, can effectively improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, its performance depends on:

One is to reduce nutrient leaching, volatilization, The second is to reduce the residual nutrients, and can activate the potential of soil nutrients; Three is to improve the utilization and the absorption of nutrients; Four is to accelerate the improvement of soil structure. Is the most effective measures to improve the yield and quality of agricultural products. In addition, to enhance crop resistance against plant diseases and insect pests, reduce the amount of agricultural, environmental protection is of great significance. Especially for economic crops to use this product effect is more obvious. In addition, due to the amino acid fertilizer production process continuously improve, wide raw material sources, lower production cost, thus guarantee for the cheap access to amino acid chelate. Therefore, amino acid fertilizers are playing an increasingly important role in agricultural production.

From the aspects of environmental protection, can balance the nutrition, amino acid fertilizer can provide fertilizer to green pollution-free, organic products, and can improve the soil quality, improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, reduce environmental pollution.

From crops, farmers, consumers, amino acid fertilizer production effect is very obvious, especially the economic crops, applying amino acid foliar fertilizer to improve the quality, especially fruit trees) effect is obvious, such as price and good quality to sell. From the consciousness of farmers' consumption, farmers now, especially economic crops and vegetables growing areas, more and more aware of organic food, green food development space, so the amino acid fertilizer will be more and more wide prospect of market.

Agricultural amino acid powder main functions:
1, nutrients complete, absorb quickly; 2, crop disease resistance ability of art; 3, antagonism between break between nutrient; 4, improve quality, increase production; 5, improve soil; 6 and pollution-free.

NPK Organic Amino Acid powder  Compound peat  fertilizer:

Polypeptide amino acid micronutrient fertilizer contain  18 kinds of amino acid hydrolysate as raw material, added a variety of trace elements, and compound with the Marine extracts, compared with common amino acids, fat, nutrition is more complete, more effective.

Physicochemical properties :
Water-based in brown appearance,
PH :5.0-6.0,
Density of 1.2 to 1.3.

Technical indicators :
Amino acid : 10.0%, or more
Total trace element:  2.0% or more

diluted 2000 times,  spraying on the leaf, also can irrigate the root.
Packaging specifications: 20 l, 200 l plastic bucket.

package : 25KG/Bag, 24 Tons/ 40 feet Container 


1. Nutrition is comprehensive, sustained, long-term. It contains  Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and silicon, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese. All of these elements are from natural minerals;The properties of Amino Acid fertilizer:

2. Easy to be absorbed, high utilization rate of nutrient. The nutrient utilization rate in more than 70%.

3. Increase the yield, improve the quality of agricultural products.

4. Help plants grow strong, enhance disease resistance.

5. Improve the soil characteristics, optimizing the ecological environment.


Scope of application: vegetables, fruits, melons, Chinese herbal medicine.

Application methods: used as base fertilizer, furrows, hole application, etc.


It is used in agriculture as a fertilser additive to increase the efficiency of fertilisers especially nitrogen and phosphorus based fertiliser inputs. Other salts of humic acid are manufactured, mainly sodium humate which is used in animal health supplements. It also can used in oil drilling mud additive and Aquaculture.