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polyaluminum chloride water treatment

Nov 08, 2017
  • Certification: ISO

  • Type: Sodium Chloride

  • Origin: Guangxi Pingguo

  • Purity: ≤30%

  • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

Poly aluminum chloride as a non toxic,harmless,testeless,soluble in water,appearnce of wahite,yellow or yellow liquid or power,resin-like solid,solid product easy to absorb moisture in the air. 

Chemical namen:poly aluminum chloride(PAC) 

Molecular formula:[Al2(OH)nCl6-m] 1<m<10,n<5     

Test Method:According to national stadard GB 15892-2003 standard.     

Use 1.Urban water supply of rivers,reservoirs,groundwater purification. 

        2.Industrial water supply,industrial circulating water purification. 

        3.Urban wastewter treatment. 

        4.Paper sizing. 

        5.Cosmetic raw materials. 


        7.Indusrial printing and dyeing,paper making,sugar,leather,brewing,meat processing,coal washing,metallurgy,

            washing,pharmaceutical and other waste water purification,as well as fluorine-containing,oil containing heavy metal waste water purication.

       8.Industrial coal-washing wastewater in the coal recovery,the recovery of kaolin in ceramics manufacturing.