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Solid Calcium Chloride And Liquid Calcium Chloride Are Quite Different

Oct 13, 2017

Liquid calcium chloride and solid calcium chloride is two different forms of calcium chloride, choose what form of calcium chloride need to be determined according to the actual situation, the following we tell you about liquid calcium chloride and solid calcium chloride Four purposes: 1. Uses: solid calcium chloride widely used: for example, as a desiccant, with granular or spherical calcium chloride, it is clear that liquid calcium chloride can not be used as a desiccant. The liquid calcium chloride with the field, solid calcium chloride can be dissolved in water can be. 2. Transport: liquid calcium chloride is not conducive to transport: especially long-distance transport, need special vehicles, high transport costs. 3. Cost: Liquid calcium chloride has the advantage of low cost, because the province behind the save a few processes. 4. Dissolution: If it is soluble in water use, liquid calcium chloride advantage, because no longer dissolved. Do not have to consider the problem of uneven uniformity of dissolution.

Today, with the improvement of technological level, the traditional production methods of solid calcium chloride has been abandoned by the majority of manufacturers, advanced production methods almost completely replace the traditional mode of production, which is mainly due to the traditional way shortcomings obvious.

1, the traditional equipment, large size, handling installation and operation are very inconvenient.

2, the machine automation is low, the need for more labor.

3, the production scale is small, less production, can not achieve mass production.

4, the product quality is not high, the production of calcium chloride block is not uniform, more impurities.

5, dehydration drying time is long, low production efficiency.

In summary, the use of traditional production methods to produce solid calcium chloride cost is relatively high, low efficiency, the current price of calcium chloride has been sluggish, technology products replacement quickly, so the traditional production of calcium chloride can not give manufacturers with Good economic benefits, abandoned is inevitable.