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Sports Nutrition Supplement L-Valine Food Grade USP Standard

Nov 17, 2017

Sports Nutrition Supplement L-Valine Food Grade USP Standard

Name : L-Valine
CAS Number: 72-18-4
EINECS NO.: 200-773-6
Synonyms: L-2-Amino-3-methylbutyric acid;2-Aminoisovaleric acid
Molecular Formula: C5H11NO2
Molecular Weight: 117.15
purity : 99%
Characteristics:  White crystalline powder 

Description :

L-valine is the white crystals or crystalline powder, fist slightly sweet taste then slightly bitter taste. Freely soluble in formic acid, soluble in water, practically insoluble in ethanol and ether.
L-Valine is an essential amino acid that is necessary for smooth nervous sysytem and cognitive function. And it is one of the three Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). L-Valine cannot be produced by the body and must be ingested through foods or supplements.


AppearanceWhite crystals or crystalline powder
Specific rotation26.5 °~29.0 °26.5 °~29.0 °
Heavy metal(Pb%)≤0.001≤0.002
Loss on drying(%)≤0.2≤0.3
Residue on ignition(%)≤0.1≤0.2
Ammonium salt(NH4%)≤0.04≤0.02
Ferric salt(%)≤0.003≤0.003
Arsenic salt(%)≤0.0001≤0.0001

Function and Application

1. L-valine can provide additional energy to the muscles to produce glucose, to prevent muscle weakness.

2. L-valine can help remove excess nitrogen from the liver, and help nitrogen transport to all parts of the body needs.

3. L-valine can be used as a nutritional supplement, may be co-formulated with other essential amino acid  infusion, comprehensive amino acid preparations.