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The Effect Of Magnesium Chloride On Dyeing Wastewater Treatment Is Good

Oct 13, 2017

There are many uses of magnesium chloride, can use coal mine inhibitor, deicing agent, construction, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, breeding, but many people do not know the magnesium chloride on the dyeing wastewater treatment also have their own coup, in the end magnesium chloride treatment of dyeing wastewater treatment effect Okay?

In the textile printing and dyeing industry, will produce a large number of industrial wastewater, these waste water treatment to the enterprise one of the most troublesome thing, some illegal enterprises in order to benefit the waste of waste water and rivers and lakes and groundwater pollution, and traditional biological methods and can not handle wastewater , And magnesium chloride is a natural decolorizer, the reactive dyes bleaching have a great effect.

Textile dyeing and printing industry in the use of a variety of dyes for dyeing, will produce a lot of colored waste water, the traditional method of waste water is difficult to decolorize the current, dyeing and decolorization is mainly aluminum and iron salts, Insoluble water dyes have a good decolorization effect, but the water-soluble coloring effect is poor, and magnesium chloride on the water-soluble coloring a good decolorizing effect, may wish to major textile dyeing factory can try.