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What Is The Use Of Granular Anhydrous Calcium Chloride

Oct 13, 2017

1, coagulant: chemical industry, inorganic chemical raw materials and sulfate removal agent, sodium alginate coagulant.

2, refrigerant: refrigeration industry for refrigeration, cooling solution and process gas and liquid drying medium, with air conditioning system.

3, early strength agent: the construction industry early strength agent, improve the strength of concrete, life paint coagulant.

4, additives: paper industry additives and waste paper paper deinking.

5, preservatives: for the control of wheat, apples, cabbage and other rot and food preservatives.

6, flocculant: calcium chloride solution for seaweed sodium industry, soy products industry flocculant.

7, coagulant: rubber industry latex coagulant.

8, oil drilling, drilling fluid, completion fluid, petrochemical dehydration solution.

9, for the pigment and printing and dyeing industry production.

10, snow: roads, highways, car parks, airports, golf skiing in winter.