Industrial Grade Soda Ash

Half of the world's industrial grade soda ash production is used to make glass, and the rest are used in soap, paper, softened, oil refining, textiles and a variety of chemical manufacturing industries. It is soluble in water, its aqueous solution is alkaline, it can also use its aqueous solution to wash the oil dishes, clothing and so on.

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Industrial grade soda ash is divided into soda ash light and soda ash dense/heavy(also named sodium carbonate light and sodium carbonate dense):,the difference between two type as follows:

1.Physical properties: There is no difference between in the chemical formula.The difference between the specifications is mainly the physical properties of different, such as loose density, particle size and shape and rest angle. General soda ash light density of 500-600kg/m3, soda ash dense density of 1000-1200kg/m3, ultra-light soda ash 370kg/m3 or so, super heavy soda ash 1550-2553kg/m3.


2.The price difference: soda ash dense is higher than soda ash light $15-$25 per MT.

3.Industrial grade soda ash Production methods: soda ash light is mainly produced by ammonia and alkali. Raw salt and limestone are used as raw materials to produce soda ash dense by chemical synthesis method.



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