Soda Ash Dense 99.2

Soda ash dense 99.2 is a important one of the basic chemical raw materials. In the chemical industry, metallurgy, national defense, textile, printing and dyeing, food, glass, enamel, medicine, paper and other fields are widely used.

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Industrial quality technical indicators: soda ash dense 99.2:


1). Export Packing:

25kg bags/ 50kg bags,/1mt Jumbo bags.
Soda ash should be stored under cover in a cool, dry place;

2). Service:

We are factory of soda ash. the price is most competitive in market.

We provide free samples to test quality.

We provide different type packing,OEM is also acceptable.

3.) Payment terms:

TT or LC at sight. can be negotiate.

Soda ash dense 99.2 is a chemical substance, white granular anhydrous, soluble in water, at room temperature when exposed to the air can absorb CO2 and water, and release heat, gradually turn into NaHCO3 and agglomeration.QQ图片20171206190033.png

QQ图片20171206190047.pngSoda ash dense 99.2 is widely used, generally using its alkaline. It can be used to make glass, such as flat glass, bottle glass, optical glass and high-grade utensils; can also use fatty acids and soda ash reaction soap; hard water softening, oil and oil refining, metallurgical industry to remove sulfur and phosphorus Mineral preparation, copper, lead, nickel, tin, uranium, aluminum and other metal preparation, the chemical industry in the preparation of sodium salt, metal carbonate, bleach, fillers, detergents, catalysts and dyes are used to it , In the ceramic industry in the preparation of refractory materials and glaze also used soda ash. Is an important large tonnage of chemical raw materials.


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3). Free samples for initial trial order.

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