Soda Ash for Paper Making

Soda ash for paper making, in the production of paper, mainly in the process of pulping played a role in the process of chemical pulping, the need to use soda ash as a buffer solution of lignin, so that cellulose dispersed into a pulping.

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Sodium carbonate has always been our dominant product, and on average we export 1,000 tons to different customers each month. mainly from South Korea, Vietnam, USA and South America,very hot products.

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 Industrial quality technical indicators: soda ash for paper making


Soda Ash for Paper Making,Soda ash is used as a builder in paper making. The pulp is mainly pulp which sometimes requires a particularly high degree of beating, such as more than 80 degrees, before the beating need to add sodium carbonate to the slurry, the amount of about the slurry 0.3% .It is the role of fiber in the alkaline swelling will be more fully, when the fiber can be better when the sub-sub-pulp broom, thereby shortening the beating time, reducing the cutting of the slurry.QQ图片20171208093600.png




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