Soda Ash for Tie Dye

Soda ash sodium carbonate for tie dye occupies a high proportion of the application, its application is more broad, our products can effectively meet your requirements for soda ash products. Because professional more focused, we are willing to provide you with the best quality, the most suitable products.

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Soda ash for tie dye ,In order to avoid the formation of water-insoluble calcium, magnesium soap or dye precipitation during the printing and dyeing process, appropriate methods can be used to remove calcium, magnesium and other salts in the water. This treatment is called water soft water. Water into the soda ash can make calcium or magnesium ions into carbonate and precipitation, so as to achieve softening.QQ图片20171207084646.png

QQ图片20171207084700.pngThe gauze fabric is made from the dyed yarn and the original yarn that has not been drilled, and the proportions of the two are different depending on the breed. Like a kind of lattice tweed, the proportion of a large number of yarn, strip of poplin a class, the proportion of yarn is much less. The scouring of the gauze fabric can not be carried out with the general cotton cloth scouring process conditions, because the fabric of the striped yarn mostly vulcanized, reduced, nafta and other dyes dyed. These dyes in the high temperature, high pressure caustic soda alkali strong scouring, easy to dissolve down and stained white, causing serious color. Therefore, the lattice tweed and lattice poplin scouring, it must not use caustic soda, but can only be used alone soda ash, and scoop can not be pressurized, but in the open cooker pot under normal pressure, so as not to peel the strip Color yarn color and pollution of white.

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