Soda Ash Use in Textile Industry

Soda ash can be used in textile industry, that because the cloth are cellulose, it involves a series of complex organic reactions, part of the process to be carried out in alkaline environment, sodium carbonate can provide its alkaline environment, as a secondary Agent.

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Soda ash use in textile industry of the specific application as follows:

1.Softener, Scouring agent,  Emulsifying conditioner, Scouring agent, silk dressing agent, Pigment Alkali.

2.Dyeing auxiliaries: soda ash used as a direct dye dyeing auxiliaries, can play a role in mitigating and softening hard water. And sulfur dyes dyeing cotton, in addition to sodium sulfide as a dye solvent, often add a number of soda to help dissolve the dye. If the effect of sulfurized alkali is sufficient, you do not have to use soda ash. In addition, such as the reduction of dyes also often add a number of soda ash as auxiliary dye.


3.Net lotion: general color cloth and printing cloth after processing, often with soda ash and soap for the net lotion. Soap is a high-grade fatty acid sodium or potassium salt, is a good net lotion. Soap in the dilute solution will be hydrolysis, the concentration reached 0.16 ~ 0.2% when the washing capacity that peak. In order to obtain adequate decontamination capacity, especially when the dirt is more, it should be raised to about 0.5% concentration. In order to inhibit the hydrolysis of the soap in the dilute solution (less than 0.1%), 0.1% soda ash can be added to the lotion, and the amount of soda in the concentrated lotion should be reduced. Soda ash and softening the hard water, which played a soap washing effect.QQ图片20171208095102.png


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