Soda Ash Food Additive

Soda ash food additive, high purity, less impurities, no toxic and harmful impurities, edible grade soda ash for the production of MSG, pasta and so on, For the food industry, for neutralizers, leavening agents, such as the manufacture of amino acids, soy sauce and pasta such as bread, bread and so on.

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Soda ash food additive is usually added to the dough to remove sourness. We can use it to make noodles, bread, cakes, steamed bread and meat products and other flavor and taste of food. It is not in the food does not play the role of seasoning, its role is to improve the speed of dry goods inflated, so that products loose and tender.QQ图片20171207145701.png


Soda ash food additive as a buffer, neutralizer and dough improver, can be used for pastry and noodle food, according to the production needs of appropriate use.

But also dubbed alkaline water into the pasta, increase flexibility and ductility. Soda ash as a kind of food additive can also be used to produce monosodium glutamate .

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