Soda Ash Light 99.2 Min

Soda ash light is a very important chemical raw materials, The main areas are the following: the metallurgical industry, the defense industry. Textile industry. Printing and dyeing industry. Food industry. Glass manufacturing industry. Enamel production industry, pharmaceutical industry, paper industry..

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Quality technical indicators: 

Soda ash light 99.2 min


The total amount of alkali (based on the dry basis of Na2CO3 mass fraction)% ≥


Sodium chloride (in dry basis of NaCl mass fraction) Content% ≤


The mass fraction of iron (Fe) (dry basis)% ≤


Sulfate (based on the mass fraction of dry basis SO4)% ≤


The mass fraction of water insoluble matter% ≤


Bulk density (g / ml) ≥


Particle size, 180μm sieve residue% ≥



QQ图片20171207142836.pngSoda ash light 99.2% min purity, the really purity is more higher than this index. it is an important chemical material in the economy, the amount is very large and occupies a large position .soda ash light soluble in water, aqueous alkaline solution, and release heat, easy deliquescence, and acid reaction to produce salt.

The specific use of Soda Ash Light 99.2 Min as following:

1.The field of building materials, glass industry is the largest consumption of soda ash sector, per ton of glass consumption of soda ash 0.2 tons.

2.Chemical industry, for the system of water glass, baking soda, borax and so on.

3.Metallurgical industry, used as smelting flux, beneficiation flotation agent, steel and antimony for desulfurization agent.


4.Printing and dyeing industry, used as a softener.

5.Tannery industry, for the raw material of the skim, and chrome tanning leather tanning and improve the basicity.

6.Daily, for the production of synthetic detergent additives such as sodium tripolyphosphate and other sodium phosphate.


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