Soda Ash Light Food Grade

Soda ash light Food grade, it is widely used food industry, medicine and health and other industries, and occupies an important position national economy, group suppliers, production stability, quality assurance, trustworthy, all kinds of production license documents, the national product quality supervision and inspection center inspection.

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Quality is the life of our factory, first, all of our chemical raw materials was to test before of shipment. after qualified will ship to clients.

We are also support samples test or third-party inspection before you place the order.

Quality technical indicators: 

Soda Ash Light Food Grade


The total amount of alkali (based on the dry basis of Na2CO3 mass fraction)% ≥


Sodium chloride (in dry basis of NaCl mass fraction) Content% ≤


The mass fraction of iron (Fe) (dry basis)% ≤


Heavy Metal(PB)content,% ≤


(AS) content,% ≤


Burn loss,% ≤


Water insoluble %≤



Soda ash light food grade is a kind of soda ash, the possibilities for this class are vast, The use of food grade soda ash is as follows : 

1, Can be used to analyze the calibration acid reference material, determination of aluminum, sulfur, copper, lead and zinc. 

2, Can be used to test urine and whole blood glucose. 


3, Soda ash food grade analysis of silica in the co-solvent and metal metallographic analysis. 

4, High purity food grade soda ash can be used as a buffer component for the removal of protein. 


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