Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate

Feed grade sodium bicarbonate, add baking soda in livestock and poultry feed, can effectively improve the digestibility of livestock and poultry feed, accelerate the absorption and utilization of nutrients and the excretion of harmful substances, to improve the anti-stress ability of livestock and poultry Promote growth has a positive effect.

Product Details

In addition to sodium bicarbonate can be used as feed additives, there are two other purposes:

Disinfectant: 10% of the baking soda water spray livestock pens and the surrounding environment, with good disinfection.

Preparation of feed: For straw hard feed, with soda water for alkaline treatment, can make it easy to digest, can improve its palatability.


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Sodium bicarbonate also named baking soda, The specific application as below:

1.Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate in pig feed application: test confirmed that in the fattening pig diet to add 3 ~ 4 g / (d head) sodium bicarbonate, 40 d feeding observation, the average per head more than the control group weight gain 4 Kg, The feed / meat ratio of the test group was 0.51 Kg less than the control group (ie, 14.8% less consumption). Practice shows that sows in the first 15 days before birth and lactation fed with 4 ~ 5 g / (d head) baking soda, sow milk production will increase, the indicators are better, the survival rate of piglets than the control Group increased by 5%, weight gain increased by 18.5%. The reason is that baking soda to make up for the lack of lysine in feed, can improve the alkaline diet, so as to promote transformation, so that pigs grow faster, more meat and improve feed utilization up to 8% to 10%. In practice, in order to improve the palatability, you can first add the small soda in the hot water dissolved, and then add the feed, mixing evenly, to be 10 ~ 15 min after feeding.


2.Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate in chicken feed application: in the feed to add 0.1% to 0.5% baking soda, to improve the carcass carcass rank and weight gain have a significant effect. Can significantly reduce the incidence of chicken toes and the incidence of pleurisy. Especially in the hot summer, the chicken in order to rule out the excess body heat and speed up the breathing, resulting in excessive CO2 emissions, so that the corresponding reduction in the amount of carbon in the blood, so that the main component of the eggshell calcium carbonate can not be fully guaranteed, Resulting in decreased egg shell quality, soft eggs, thin eggshell ratio increased significantly. In this case, the simple calcium supplementation can not solve the problem, because the blood is still the lack of carbonate ions, not enough calcium carbonate, and add baking soda can be added to the role of carbonate ions, improve egg production rate , And effectively improve the quality of eggshell. Add the proportion of the total dietary ratio of 0.1% to 0.5%, at the same time, the corresponding reduction in the amount of salt to prevent excessive ingestion of animal sodium.QQ图片20171208145014_副本.png

3.Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate in cattle, sheep feed application: baking soda in the ruminant rumen has its role in the buffer, and in the rough and coarse feed the acidic and microbial organisms produced by the stomach, the rumen of the basic pH remained essentially neutral (pH = 7), thus giving the microorganism a good growth environment, is conducive to the balance of microbes in the rumen, and enhance the digestion of cellulose and other carbohydrates and other things, thereby enhancing the appetite of ruminants, increased feed intake, Especially in the cow concentrate to add the right amount of baking soda, can increase the appetite of dairy cows, enhance the ability to resist heat, improve milk production, prevent miscarriage, and promote the cultivation of cattle and sheep growth.QQ图片20171208144618.png

Water testing as below pictures:


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