Sodium Bicarbonate in Food

Sodium Bicarbonate in Food
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Sodium Bicarbonate in Food is a powder can be used as a food industry in the fermentation agent, soft drinks and cold drinks in the carbon dioxide generator, butter preservative.

Total Alkalinity (NaHCO3)% Alkalinity (NaHCO3)%


Arsenic (As) content Arsenic (As)%

≤ 0.0001

Heavy metal (in p b) Content Heavy Metal (p b)%

≤ 0.0005

Dry weight loss%

≤ 0.20

PH value PH (10g / l aqueous solution)

≤ 8.5


up to standards


up to standards

Chloride (in terms of CL)% Chloride




                                                             Export packingIn 25kg package 
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Accept Lab testing as is shown.

Sodium Bicarbonate in Food which is a common food additive. Use of baking soda is very extensive: can be used as food fermentation agent, soft drinks and cold drinks in the production of carbon dioxide, butter preservative.


QQ图片20171208143759.pngFood grade sodium bicarbonate in the industry, it is one of the most widely used loose agent for the production of biscuits, pastries, bread, bread, etc., is a soft drinks in the production of carbon dioxide; can be combined with alum for alkaline baking powder, but also with soda ash for civilian Stone base; can also be used as butter preservative.

Water testing as below pictures:


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