Bulk Sodium Carbonate

Bulk sodium carbonate is becoming more and more popular, more customers are to facilitate loading and unloading to choose it, If you have the same considerations and requirements in the ways of the product packing, you can give us your specific requirements, and we can further to discuss the way that you are the most appropriate.

Product Details

We use this bulk transportation is better to help the customer to save costs when the cargos arrive at the destination. This way is only to meet the requirements of special customer, and in general, many customers is prefer to 25kg or 50kg.

Industrial quality technical indicators: Bulk sodium carbonate



Bulk sodium carbonate is another way of packaging to facilitate the use of each customer, we would like to supply the different packaging for different customer to choose. such as 25 kg, 50 kg, 1ton bag or a container directly in bulk if you have the same needs, You can get by contacting us.QQ图片20171208142142.png


We are in the process of exporting most of the transport of product for 25 kg, 40 kg, 50 kg or ton bag via different transportation method to ship to customer’s destination place, these many yeas of sticking to have proved that is workable. but also some customers who want bulk sodium carbonate in his transportation, and we have try the results is in some cases of cooperation, our ways has never been a problem, it’s very successful.


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