Sodium Carbonate for Swimming Pools

Sodium carbonate soda ash for swimming pools,Sodium carbonate is a basic salt, can reduce the PH value of water, commonly used in the treatment of acidic wastewater, such as swimming pool disinfectant treatment (disinfectant mostly acidic)

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Sodium Carbonate for Swimming Pools is hot selling to America, When sodium carbonate is used to increase the pH of the pool water, it is delivered at a dose of 15 grams per cubic meter of water. In other words, adding 15 kg of sodium carbonate can increase the pH of 1000 cubic meters of water.

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Sodium carbonate for swimming pools ,Swimming pool water quality needs to be maintained every day, where PH is one of the important water quality projects that need to be maintained. The water treatment agent used to adjust the pH of the pool water is a pH adjuster. Sodium carbonate is a kind of pH regulator that is used to increase the pH of the pool water. Sodium carbonate also known as soda, soda ash, washing base, chemical formula: Na2CO3, under normal circumstances for the white powder;QQ图片20171208141600.png


Sodium carbonate soda ash for swimming pools,Soda ash fluctuations, relatively stable, to enhance the speed of the water ph is slow and moderate, we can add more sodium carbonate to the pool, so that the water will contain a lot of ability to neutralize the acid (carbonate), Then the acid (such as chlorine powder) to join the water, the water will not be so easy to drop the pH. Sodium carbonate is relatively mild, are food-grade materials, do not hurt the skin, no corrosion, hand touch all right, safe.

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