Anhydrous Sodium Sulfite

Anhydrous sodium sulfite is white crystal or powder; odorless. Very slightly soluble in ethanol, almost insoluble in ether, soluble in water, the aqueous solution was alkaline, PH value of about 9 ~ 9.5. Slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in liquid chlorine, ammonia.

Product Details

Name:        Anhydrous Sodium Sulfite

HS Code:   2832100000

Quality:      96%&97% available.

Anhydrous sodium sulfite can be used as a catalyst for the urea-formaldehyde resin synthesis and addition reaction, trash and tanning industry and plant fiber bleaching agent. It also protects oxygen-sensitive materials as reducing agents.

Top gradeFirst gradeQualified products
Sodium sulfite (Na2SO3) content,% ≥979693
Iron (Fe) content,% ≤0.0030.0050.02
Water insoluble content,% ≤
Free base (Na2CO3 meter) content,% ≤
Sodium sulfate (Na2SO4) content,% ≤2.5----
Sodium chloride (NACL) content,% ≤0.1----

Export package:

25kg or 50kg/bag or OEM packing.



1). Anhydrous sodium sulfite in the printing and dyeing industry as a dechlorinating agent and bleaching agent for a variety of cotton fabrics, to prevent local oxidation of cotton fibers affect the fiber strength, photographic industry as a developer.

2).Organic industry for the m-phenylenediamine, aminosalicylic acid and other production of reducing agent, the textile industry for man-made fibers, stabilizers, but also for paper, electronics, water treatment and other industries.

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