Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous

Sodium sulphate anhydrous,colorless and transparent, sometimes with light yellow or green, soluble in water. White, odorless, bitter crystals or powder, hygroscopic. Appearance colorless, transparent, large crystalline or granular small crystals. Sodium sulfate is a strong acid alkali salt of an oxoacid.

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NameSodium sulphate anhydrous
Sodium sulphateSpecificationType First grade
Inspection itemStandardResult
Na2SO4 %≥99.099.54
Water insoluble matter%≤0.050.04
Ca & Mg (Mg)%≤0.150.02
Moisture %≤0.200.02
Whiteness %≥8291

Sodium sulfate anhydrous in the chemical for the manufacture of sodium sulfide, sodium silicate and so on,Laboratory used to wash away barium salt. it is the most commonly used after-treatment desiccant in organic synthesis laboratories.



Sodium sulfate anhydrous is mainly used as a synthetic detergent filler. Paper making industry used in the manufacture of kraft pulp cooking agent. Glass industry to replace soda ash. The chemical industry is used as a raw material for the manufacture of sodium sulfide, sodium silicate and other chemical products. The textile industry is used to deploy vinylon spinning coagulation bath. The pharmaceutical industry is used as a laxative. Also for non-ferrous metallurgy, leather and so on.

Sodium sulfate anhydrous can make the hydration product of calcium sulfoaluminate faster, thus accelerating the hydration rate of cement. The dosage of sodium sulphate is generally 0.5% ~ 2% of the mass of cement, which can improve the early strength of concrete by 50% ~ 100%, and the strength at 28 days sometimes increases, sometimes decreases by about 10%, with the cement variety and curing conditions And its dosage varies.



Sodium sulfate anhydrous can also be used as an analytical reagent, such as a dehydrating agent, a nitrogen-fixing digestion catalyst, and an interference suppressant in atomic absorption spectrometry. Also used in the pharmaceutical industry, paper and glass, dyes, printing and dyeing and pharmaceutical industries, in the manufacture of synthetic fibers, tanning, nonferrous metallurgy, enamel, etc. Also used in detergents and soap as additives.


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