Super Absorbent Polymer For Agriculture

Super Absorbent Polymer For Agriculture,it is a typical functional polymer materials. It can absorb hundreds of times its own weight, even thousands of times the water, and has a strong water retention capacity, so it is also known as super absorbent or high water retention agent.

Product Details

Soil Super Absorbent Polymer For Agriculture is a kind of synthetic high molecular weight polymer with the ability of super absorbent, water retention and release, which can rapidly absorb salty water which is several hundred times more than several hundred times more than its own, , Storage, slow release of water and nutrients, "small reservoir." Therefore, the soil water-retaining agent can effectively reduce the deep seepage of irrigation water (rainwater) and fertilizers, improve water and fertilizer utilization, enhance soil water retention, control soil moisture evaporation to meet the growth needs of plants; it can also improve the soil structure , Increase soil activity, reduce soil plate and promote plant root growth and development.

After years of application practice, the application of Super Absorbent Polymer has become a mature water-saving technology and has been widely used in combination with index afforestation, fruit tree horticulture, crop cultivation, lawn planting conservation, landscape afforestation, desert vegetation planting, fertilizer matrix mixing Together, soilless culture and other fields.

Super Absorbent Polymer For Agriculture Features: Non-toxic, water, fertilizer, water non-rotten roots, stable performance, water absorption speed, improve the soil, improve survival, long life, less dosage, low cost.

AppearanceGrain sizeRedidual monomer (crylic acid) mg/kgVolatile content %PH valueDistilled water absorption ratioArtificial urine absorption ratio0.9% saline absorption ratio
white particle or granule10-20 mesh1800104.0-8.0550 times80 times100 times
20-30 mesh
40-60 mesh
60-100 mesh
100-150 mesh





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