Super Absorbent Polymer For Artifical Snow

Super absorbent polymer for artifical snow is a magical water-absorbing resin that turns water into a white, fluffy substance that looks like real snow, and is commonly used in the film industry and interior decoration.

Product Details

Super absorbent polymer for artifical snow is a polymeric chemical that exploits its permeability to water into which water molecules penetrate. When the water molecules come in contact with the polymer, they expand from the outside of the polymer into the interior. The polymer chain is elastic, but it can not elongate until it has been stretched to a certain length. The product is small particles, after absorbing the appearance of the snow does not make the difference, white, crystal, high temperature does not change, feel cool, snow feeling, and non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free. The product can also be used for shopping malls counter decoration, Christmas decoration, film and television, stage scenery.

Super absorbent polymer for artifical snow Experiment: --- Rapidly growing snow

You can not believe your eyes, just add water to the magical white powder, and in less than a minute you react, and the water slowly becomes white and fluffy and looks like real snow, but this is just A safe and non-toxic polymer only.

Experiment procedure:

1. The dosage of 3 grams of powdered artificial snow, into the empty mixing cup;

2 .Second cup put 2 ounces (60ml) room temperature water;

3. Quickly pour the water into powdery artificial snow, keeping a constant eye on the changes that have taken place and the snow grows up;

4. Touch by hand, just like real snow, this is the film and television industry to do special artistic effect of artificial snow;

5. Wait until the water evaporates, you can restore to its original appearance. Can also be used again.




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