Super Absorbent Polymer For Baby Diaper

Super Absorbent Polymer For Baby Diaper,Chemically speaking, superabsorbent polymers are low-crosslinked or partially crystalline polymers with many hydrophilic groups. So, it is mainly used in sanitary napkins, diapers raw materials in the field of health。

Product Details

Super Absorbent Polymer For Baby Diaper & sanitary napkins is mainly made of sodium polyacrylate used in diaper products, polymer water-absorbing resin, with excellent hydrophilic groups, it is not only insoluble in water can also absorb more than its own weight Hundreds of times larger than the water or a few times the number of saline (liquid), and have excellent water retention properties, the absorbed water is difficult to squeeze out, hygienic SAP also has several excellent high-quality performance. Such as liquid absorption speed, high pressure absorption, good gel strength. Hygienic SAP uses advanced production technology, low residual monomer, non-toxic and odorless, no irritation to the skin, but also can be degraded into water, carbon dioxide and other small molecules, is a green, environmentally friendly high-tech products.


Super Absorbent Polymer For Baby Diaper has the characteristics of fast absorption and large absorption. As an alternative to imported products, it has been successfully applied to products such as sanitary napkins, baby diapers and adult incontinence pads. In particular, women's ultra-thin sanitary napkins, the use of the product, can improve the absorption properties of the product, absorb fast, do not side exposed, non-sticky, increase comfort.

ProductSuper Absorbent Polymer For Baby Diaper
Modelgranular of 80-100 mesh
ColorWhite granular
Solid Content95%
Absorption Speed(s)26
Specific gravity(g/ml)0.76
water retention capacity95
moisture content(H2O)%7.5
Residual monomers(ppm)200
Export packing25kg per kraft bag or up to customer 's request
Payment terms

30% deposit in advance, balance before shipment or against scan copy of BL by TT or LC.


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