Super Absorbent Polymer For Desiccant

Super Absorbent Polymer For Desiccant is a new functional polymer water-absorbing material, which is a new field of application of superabsorbent polymer series in practical applications. It is now being popularized more and more widely.

Product Details

Now moisture-absorbing absorbent resin with moisture not only has good water absorption, but also need to become a gel after water absorption, water can not seep from the bag. The traditional material is silica gel or calcium carbonate, which are prone to seepage phenomenon. Moisture absorption moisture will not only play the original effect, but played the opposite effect.

And we produce Super Absorbent Polymer For Desiccant can absorb moisture in a short time, moisture absorption into a gelatinous material, will not volatilize the moisture until abandoned will not have water seepage.




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