Super Absorbent Polymer For Ice Pack

Super Absorbent Polymer For Ice Pack,Water absorbent resin can be multiple water, so ice caps, ice pads, ice packs and other sunstroke products dried again after immersed in water can be reused.

Product Details

Super Absorbent Polymer For Ice Pack: Summer cool hat with ice-water-absorbing polymer resin, ice tape (hair band), which can absorb moisture and stay cool for a long time during the hot summer months. Its principle of action for the superabsorbent resin soaked in water for about 10 minutes, combined with a large amount of water to produce natural expansion, and the preservation of these forms of gel moisture, and then the role of temperature and air evaporation slowly release. Due to the water evaporation requires a lot of heat, so when used to reduce body temperature, so as to achieve the cooling effect.

In addition, Super Absorbent Polymer For Ice Pack also has some storage effect, so the product will be made before use in the freezer for a period of time before re-use will be more significant effect.




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