Super Absorbent Polymer For Oil Drilling

Super Absorbent Polymer For Oil Drilling,High water absorption capacity, high water retention capacity, through the polymerization of acrylic acid high molecular weight polymer → high water retention, absorption under high load balance, the water can not be absorbed by a simple physical extrusion, and can be repeated water.

Product Details

Super Absorbent Polymer For Oil Drilling is a new type of functional polymer material, one of the superabsorbent resin series. It can absorb more than several hundred times its own weight of water and slowly release it for downhole oil-water separation and oil field mining process In the underground plugging, plugging, oil dehydration.


① Underground oil and gas wells in the process of plugging, plugging: the use of advanced technology will be blocked with water-blocking agent mixed with other mixture transport bottom, absorb water, plug the water leakage, in order to achieve the exploitation of crude oil; drilling in the well, such as Encountering mud jet streams caused by downhole caves or underground rivers, the use of plugging agents to fill wells can avoid oil scum and huge economic losses.

② Dehydration of oil: the use of water plugging agent and oil full mixing until the filter after the removal of water can reach the purpose of oil dehydration, the resin can be used repeatedly after evaporation.




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