Super Absorbent Polymer For Water Swelling Rubber

Super Absorbent Polymer For Water Swelling Rubber,It can quickly absorbs water and expands in volume and fills the seams. Especially for those irregular sewing, the sealing effect of its water is more reliable than the traditional sealing materials.

Product Details

As a new type of water-stop rubber material, Super Absorbent Polymer For Water Swelling Rubber is also a breakthrough in water-absorbent resin applications. The advantage is that it has excellent sealing function of water stop.Has been widely used in water conservancy project subway tunnel, underground foundation dam and other construction fields.

Super Absorbent Polymer For Water Swelling Rubber can adapt to the structural deformation, play a resilient seal, but also has the special features of water absorption expansion, water stop water. Its working principle is that when the deformation of the structure exceeds the elastic recovery capability of the material, the water-swellable rubber can expand in volume by 1 time or several times after encountering with water to block the seepage water and achieve the purpose of waterproofing. Especially in the plugging project, it has replaced the traditional cement grouting, glass filling and epoxy plugging and other traditional methods of construction.




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